Monitoring ocean biodiversity
with the power of

We use AI and machine learning to process underwater listening data, making it easier to measure and monitor ocean biodiversity.

The problem

Biodiversity is declining at a faster rate than ever recorded in human history.

Scientists have found that the global index for biodiversity intactness (the proportion of the original number of species in an area that remain and their abundance) – is currently at 75%. This is significantly below the 90% "safe limit" for humanity, needed to maintain vital ecological processes such as pollination and nutrient cycling. We cannot survive on this planet without healthy, balanced ecosystems.

The solution

By combining low-cost recording equipment, AI/machine learning and scalable visualisations, we can "see" biodiversity in our oceans for the first time.

We’re building state of the art technology for mapping ocean biodiversity using:
  • High quality, low cost recording hardware
  • Proprietary AI deep learning technology
  • Cutting edge visualisations

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