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Googles "Calling in our Corals" lets users train AI to understand reef fish sounds

Aqoustics at COP27, and on the google home page

At COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, we partnered with Google to get people engaged with a citizen science project all about listening to our corals.

At the heart of this endeavour was the Google Coral Reef AI Project, a pioneering initiative trying to uncover the mysteries of our reefs:

Amidst the buzz generated by the Coral Reef AI Project, our partnership with Google at COP27 was spotlighted in various forums and discussions. Notably, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), who hosted a panel that explored the intersection of art, technology, and environmental activism.

Through immersive experiences showcased on Google Arts, participants were transported into the vibrant world of coral reefs, fostering a deeper understanding of their importance and the urgency of their protection.

Our collaborative efforts with Google culminated in the development of the "Calling in Our Corals" platform, an accessible gateway for individuals worldwide to engage with coral reef restoration efforts. This platform, introduced alongside the conference, offers users an immersive experience akin to exploring coral reefs firsthand. By releasing this platform to the public, it allows participation in conservation initiatives. "Calling in Our Corals" empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully to the preservation of these invaluable ecosystems.

The significance of this partnership extends far beyond the confines of the conference, signalling a collective commitment to addressing environmental challenges through innovation and collaboration. As coral reefs continue to face existential threats from climate change and human activities, initiatives like "Calling in Our Corals" serve as beacons of hope, inspiring action and fostering a sense of global solidarity in the fight for conservation.

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