Aqoustics Installation at London Interdisciplinary School

AI meets art with Aqoustics installation at LIS

Aqoustics installation at London Interdisciplinary School

Curated by Dave, and the Aqoustics team, in collaboration with a diverse team of acousticians, researchers, and artists including Steve Simpson, Mary Shodipo, Cathy Hobbs, Clemency White, and Sara Keen, this installation at the London Interdisciplinary School aims to delve into and connect us to the enigmatic sounds of the ocean.

The team has harnessed advanced techniques, including machine learning and soundscape design, to craft an immersive experience that highlights our interaction with the marine world.

Sound in water travels at a remarkable 1,500 meters per second, three time that of air, while also decaying at just one-seventh the rate. This challenges the myth of a silent ocean and reveals a realm alive with fish calls and the constant dialogue of the waves. "The ocean is not silent; that's an old myth," Dave repeats, echoing the sentiments of avant-garde composer John Cage, who asserted the omnipresence of sound.

"Listening to the Unknown" invites you to immerse yourself in the acoustic fabric of the ocean, to engage with the sounds that define the marine environment, and to listen with a newfound depth.

Hosted by Maria Angélica Madero, this auditory event stands as a testament to the power of collaborative exploration and the endless curiosity that drives us to seek out and connect with the untouched frontiers of our planet.

As you prepare to dive into this soundscape, remember that it is not just an act of hearing but one of discovery. So, lend your ears to the depths of the ocean and listen - for in these depths lies a tale waiting to be heard.

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